Welcome Alexa

The People are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Alexa Barchini! Alexa is an amazing vocalist with roots as deep as Billie Holiday and as modern as Karen O.

Alexa is going to add a whole new, beautiful sound to The People and we can't wait to share her with the world.

We've got a bunch of exciting shows lined up, so check out the "shows" section so you can see and hear the newest incarnation of The People!

A New Chapter Begins

Hello! Well, some big things have been happening around here. 

First, we just released our debut music video for "Sparrow Mountain"! Within a week we have already garnered over 500 views and that ticker is still counting. We couldn't be happier with the response and are so thankful that so many people have enjoyed it!

Then, we said a very heartfelt and sad goodbye to our wonderful friend and singer, Samantha Rise Roberson on November 2 @ Ortlieb's. It was a wonderful evening, filled with tears and smiles and music. We will never be the same without Sam and will miss her immensely.  

So now we are in the midst of meeting with new singers for the band and booking new shows! We could not be more excited and optimistic about the future and know that this new version of The People will continue to bring you world-class music in the coming weeks, months and years ahead! 

At 9PM EST this evening, we'll be releasing our newest single for the whole world to download and enjoy. Thanks so much for everything and please check back soon, as many things are bubbling, bubbling, bubbling.

Peace and Love.