1. this time

  2. another try 

  3. sparrow mountain

  4. resistance

  5. grown through

  6. autumn rivulets

  7. nowhere

  8. egypt

  9. shine

  10. the wanderer 

  11. wish



The debut album from The People.

released 26 June 2015 

Samantha Rise Roberson - vocals 
Charles Lane - guitars, keys, saxophone, flute, background vocals 
Dan Hanrahan - guitars 
Mark Przybylowski - bass, cello 
Gabriel Globus-Hoenich - percussion 

Carlos Santiago - violin 
Chris Aschman - trumpet 

Doug Raus - Co-Producer, engineer, mixer
Hani Zahra - Co-Producer 

Recorded: January-May 2015 
Woodbrook Studios, Pennsauken NJ 
Hani Zahra Studios, Brooklyn NY 

Mastered: Jeff Hiatt at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia PA



this time

When I was a little one, when I was a little one

I burned my hands

On my birthday candles

It hurt a little bit, took a little bit

Of my skin away

Charred my wishes too


Can you take me back? Can you take me back?

To that place I know

When Momma wiped my tears

Will you take me there? Won’t you take me there?

I need to see it

Still is there for real


The ether in the bathroom, smelling like a candle

Burning in the water,

Mandy took a tumble, dropped her little bottle,

Burning in the water

Took a little longer, just a little longer, it took a little longer

To get high, high enough this time


A picture of his best friend, who also is his girlfriend,

Resting on the mantle

Tighter on his arm now, needle in his left hand,

Resting on the mantle

Took a little longer, just a little longer, it took a little longer

To get high, high enough this time


Sheila keeps him waiting, still she makes a wish though,

Kneeling in the bathroom

Lord, make me something else, pretty skinny something else,

Kneeling in the bathroom

Took a little longer, just a little longer, it took a little longer

To get high, high enough this time


Can’t you feel me breathing, underneath your arms, babe,

Still as early morning

Paradise will greet you, it’s living all around you,

Still as early morning

It takes a little longer, just a little longer, it takes a little longer

To get high, high enough this time


Don’t you know you’re something beautiful?

Don’t you know?


Another Try


Never was a dreamer

I knew, by you

Told me not to follow nothing

I knew was true


Never was a pleader

You drew, for two

Took us ‘round the bend in silence

Can you see me drowning slowly?


Couldn’t get a word in, darling

Wasn’t worth a try

Don’t know if I can take it, if I make it out alive

See that I, give love another try


Can you hear me calling?

I tried to reach your ears

Sold me to the pavement’s power

I tried, sunshine


It’s you that’s really falling

Down walls of discontent

Daisy chains around you broken

Do you know what independence is?


Sparrow Mountain


I could see the sparrow flying

Down onto the forest floor

There she would sit and sing my confusion away

Open wide my fastened door

My fastened door

It has taken

Taken me down


The hours passed from days to weeks

And the aching never withdrew

The one I thought I would become was

Someone lanced through and through

Lanced through and through

For I am nothing

Nothing am I


I’d like to believe in what they call second chances

But I wouldn’t dare to give me one

I swear I’ll believe it when I start to bereave it

This holy mess I leave undone


I saw seven apples falling softly

Rest upon the sodden ground

All were rotten, browned from the inside out

Fruitless and fell without a sound

Without a sound

But I am sightless

Mine eyes are lame

And so am I


So take your chance and leave me now

Before I stumble further still

The weakness of my dirge will take you nowhere

My soul will feed until it filled

Until it’s filled

Oh Sparrow Mountain

I now run

To you


It’s these words, words, words


I’ve blown away

I can’t recall

I lose them all

These wicked words




I hold the fire

Into the heart of the mountain

Onto the edges of tomorrow

I hold the fire


Hold down the glow

With the might of your brothers

With the stories of your mothers

Hold down the glow


Oh, penurious resist!


This is my power

To be brave until the morning

Unafraid without a warning

This is my power


I can see the weight you bear

Running ‘cross the meadow there

Shadows trip a light for us

Fantastic thoughtless true enough


Grown Through


With my head held down, it’s really very simple

To say no more

And though my soul sings aloud, I feel it has been drowned

In something more than this

My insides come undone, it’s true

That I’m more hopeless than I knew


So taken by surprise, that I can’t realize

My troubles are few

But that feels like a lie, grown through

The roots holding me to you


I sold my virtue in Tennessee, and the judge came down on me

And I said no more

My youth goes like fading faces, that leaves my memory

As time passes on

Because my failures come in threes, you see, it’s true

That I’m more hopeless than I knew


Try to right

The wrongs in sight

Change my night

From darkness to light




The lakefront cracks and falls

The frost of the morning calls

In whispers it cools me, cools me, cools me


Always seems to be leaving

Wily, feral, deceiving

I’ve been told that it holds and holds and holds


The warmer I get to you

The colder becomes the view

It seems so high, so high, so high


But then you keep calling me back

You lift in me what I lack

The water surrounds, surrounds, surrounds me


Do you want to go somewhere?

I’ve been thinking about nowhere

You know it stretches for miles and miles and miles


Drops of Saturday’s sunshine

Took me up to the red line

Said I couldn’t pass, no no, no no, no no


Then your hand on my shoulder

I felt a little bit bolder

The lines they waned and waned and waned


You cradled my hand, then

In the right direction

And together we bounded, on and on


Take me uptown to the lights and dancing

I just got back and I want romancing

Drink a little light on a Saturday night

And you won’t need a wake up call next morning




Once in Cairo, as a matter of turf

The Get Back Kids put a man in the Earth

Took him down there, to the Dug Hill Road,

And laid him down to die there in the cold


I swear it’s true, Lord, I swear I know

I swear it so hard, don’t ever let me go

See I met the man once, not much bigger than a boy

And he told me of the time he was buried alive in southern Illinois


I said, ‘Please, help me,

I’ve spent seventeen days underground

Then I came around, and I got free’


He said, ‘I survived there, never being found,

On the will to see it through, where I’m bound

‘Everyday I grew weaker, and weaker still,

And day by day my fear grew into will


‘I swear it’s true, Lord, I swear I know

I swear it so good, I’ll never let you go

‘A week’s ration of water, all they gave me to employ,

But for that, I’d still be buried down in Illinois


He said, ‘It was hot, there, never being found,

Screaming all you can, never making a sound

‘Black as black there, swallows up your mind,

Into a darkness so deep, you’ll never find


‘I swear it’s true, Lord, I swear I know

I swear it so bad, that it never lets me go

‘See I’m trying to live now, though not bigger than a boy

To undo the damage done in southern Illinois’




Come away

Western eyes

In your dreams

You realize


We’re all swimming

In a darkened bin




Wake me up

Drop a line

Tell me now

You’re doing fine


Because I can’t forget

The day we met

The lines we drew

Encased in blue


The wind in the grass and the salt in the ocean

Sang a merry refrain

They held each other in the arms of their mother

As the bells of summertime rang


The golden sun took and carried the light

Over to the town

The salty breezes and laughter of the children

Together made this sound:


Shine on me!

Shine on!


So I’ll wait

In my head

See a road

To a where it’s led


Hit me now

In my eyes

Sucker punch me

In my thighs


Passing pain

Through our veins

Lingers on

Somewhat strange


The Wanderer


The wanderer settled down

Drank from the river

Laid upon the ground


Dreamt of seven crooked figures

Staring into orange

Hand in hand


He said, “Save my body, save my life

Save my weathered soul tonight”


The wanderer walked along

The fallen leaves of autumn

The forest sang a song


Spirits wild and full of wonder

Bowed their heads in silence

Protectors in their land


They said, “Fear not then and fear not now

Fear what you never said aloud”


The wanderer came to a fire

Crackling in the twilight

Naked as he was


The thump thump thumping of his heartbeat

Pounded out the rhythm

And calmly he stepped forth


I said, “Take my body, take my life

Take my fears away tonight”


I’m all alone

Hands come crashing down on me

They loose the space beneath my feet

And if my body breaks, you’ll see

I’ve finally found where I must be




I look back, petals fell

On my own, mostly

Years are gone, dewy spring

Back to one, trust me

Tried to save, two for two

The lies I gave, I lost you


Try to give, the past away

Simple, not holy

Rose’s thorn, prick my skin

Settle down, poison

Tried to save, two for two

The lies I gave, I lost you


Just hold on my darling

I can see you falling


Rustled sheets, skin on skin

Sultry eyes, calming

Twisted tongue, second guess

Comfort from belonging

Carry me, back to sleep

Take me there, I beg you


Wake up my head, my head is still pounding

Wake up my head, my head


The sun!